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About Rodent&Bird Centre

We are proud to present our wholesale in birds and rodents to you.

The company is run by father Hans Knols and son Patrick.

Hans has kept small pets as a hobby since his childhood and this hobby has grown into a company that has been supplying animals to pet shops, garden centers and fellow wholesalers at home and abroad for 35 years.

Son Patrick joined the business in 2010 and we work closely together.

Our goal is to supply healthy animals, to guarantee a good service and to attach great importance to animal welfare. For this we source animals from colleagues, but often also from hobby breeders who have found us amply over the years. to wear off their excess offspring.


Delivery service

Because we collect animals every week from hobby breeders, we can always offer animals that go almost directly from the breeder to the store. We therefore work with the smallest possible stock, which only benefits the quality of the animals. If you order animals from us and the order arrives on Monday before 4 pm, it will be delivered the same week.

We take care of the transport of the animals to the customer ourselves, and we do this with an adapted and approved transport bus, equipped with insulation and ventilation. If extreme temperatures occur, the welfare of the animals weighs heavily for us and it becomes transport postponed until it is justified.

If you wish to visit our company, you can always do so after making an appointment.


Who are we?

  • Hans

    Hans Knols

    Hans is founder and Manager.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Knols

Our range includes, among others: